Little Havana Tours

Posing with guests on one of my Little Havana tours.
Posing with guests on one of my Little Havana tours.

I am Little Havana community leader and cultural anthropologist who leads private walking tours of Little Havana. I also co-authored the book, A History of Little Havana (see details).

My walking tours of Little Havana immerse guests in a rich sensory experience. Meet and interact with our local residents and small business owners!

Since I know so many people in the neighborhood, I will also make introductions to other folks we happen to encounter during the tour, like:

  • creative folks (artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, writers, poets, photographers, etc.)
  • political folks (elected officials, community leaders, business leaders, activists, former political prisoners, etc.)
  • people knowledgeable about particular spiritual or traditional practices (Santeria, cooking, dominos, cigars, traditional healing)

I love to connect my guests to locals from all walks of life and backgrounds.

On my tours, discover the connections between Little Havana and Cuba, the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the world. You will see, hear, taste and even touch these connections. You will learn things that will likely amaze you and intrigue you.

This is no ordinary tour.

Read testimonials about my tours, see below for details, or CONTACT ME to book a tour!

Why Choose Little Havana Tours? What Makes My Tours Unique:

  • EXPERTISE: I am an anthropologist (a Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology at Florida International University) who has has nine years experience leading tours of Little Havana. I know my neighborhood not only from personal experience but also from extensive research for the book I co-authored and my dissertation. For more than a decade I have also studied Afro-Cuban music, dance and spiritual traditions.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: You tour fee supports a community leader. I serve on the Advisory Committee of the Little Havana Me Encanta master planning process facilitated in part by the National Trust for Historic Preservation; the Little Havana Transportation Advisory Committee for SW 7th and 8th Streets (Calle Ocho), the Koubec Center (a cultural center in Little Havana), and on the board of Live Healthy Little Havana, a large scale community health initiative. I am the former director of Little Havana’s monthly arts festival, Viernes Culturales, and the co-founder of the Little Havana Merchant Alliance. I also founded and moderate Little Havana/La Pequeña News & Events (on Facebook).
  • SAY NO TO STEREOTYPES: My tours do not perpetuate all-too-pervasive ethnic and racial stereotypes about the neighborhood or its residents. Little Havana is not stuck in some unchanging past. It is not Cuba, it is not Disneyland. My tour is for people who don’t settle for one-dimensional representations.
  • SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ECONOMY: By supporting my tours, you support a Little Havana resident who in turn patronizes and promotes our local businesses! On the tour, I also point out items that are made and produced locally.
  • HAVE ROOM TO EAT AFTERWARDS: I believe it is important to experience a leisurely sit-down meal in Little Havana, which is why I do not do a food tour (although I offer several tastings). Instead, I give tips on where to eat and where to go for a meal (or particular dishes, drinks, etc.).

I have been mentioned in The New York Times and featured in Florida Travel & Life, National Geographic Traveler and National Public Radio, In 2012, I was the subject of PBS mini-documentary based on my work in the neighborhood. I am also a Graduate Fellow of the Latino Museum Studies Program at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Read more.

What Does a Tour Include?

Men playing dominos in Domino Park.
Men playing dominos in Domino Park.

I am currently only offering private tours, so each tour is tailored to the interests of my guests. Below are some of the topic areas I cover (let me know if you want me to emphasize particular topic areas on your tour):

  • Art: Meet artists. Discover key themes and symbols in Cuban art and Latin American mural art.
  • Music & Dance: We’ll learn how and why (Afro)Cuban music and dances like rumba or salsa reflect the history of Cuba. Get to know key instruments and the symbolism behind particular movements.
  • Food: Taste in season local fruits and sample cuisine. Find out how to prepare and serve popular local dishes (and where to go for more in-depth culinary experiences!).
  • History: What are the different ways that the histories of Little Havana, Cuba and Latin America are represented in the neighborhood–and why? We’ll explore monuments, murals and other special sites.
  • Little Havana NOW: Get the latest scoop on current issues in and changes to Little Havana,
  • Local folks! Yes, you will meet interesting (and nice) people.
  • Local pastimes: Understand the deeper meanings of popular local pastimes, like cigar smoking and dominos.
  • Politics: What is Little Havana’s political scene? You’ll learn on the tour.
  • Spiritual & Healing Traditions: Curious about local spiritual practices like Santeria (Lukumi/Regla de Ocha), Espiritismo, Curandismo, Shamanism and Latin American Catholicism? Find out how and why they influence arts, identities and even politics.

Please ask questions! I encourage guests to ask questions and always strive to customize this and other tours according to the interests of participants.


Hear about the mysteries of the Ceiba tree on the Secrets of Little Havana tour.
Hear about the mysteries of the Ceiba tree … beyond the rumors.

I can customize your tour the following ways:

  • LENGTH: 3 hours is the average length of my tours, but I can do a shorter or longer tour.
  • AGE LEVEL/ABILITY: I often do tours for families and regularly adapt my tour for groups of students (K-12 or college). I can also do tours for seniors or for folks who may not be able to do a lot of walking.
  • TOPIC: Please let me know if you have a particular interest or interests you would like me to focus on for your tour.
  • ROUTE: We can go pretty much anywhere you want in the neighborhood, not just Calle Ocho. If you want to check out other arts areas or the lesser seen W. Flagler Street, this is possible.


See more testimonials here.

This was by far one of the best tours I have ever been on.”

–Tina Bucuvalas (Former President of the Florida Folklore Society, State Folklorist and Director of the Florida Folklife Program of the Florida Department of State)

“We absolutely loved our three hour private tour with Corinna Moebius.

— Debra H. (Seattle, WA)

“What makes a walking tour is the guide and Corinna is definitely terrific … I can honestly say (that of all things we did on both vacation) this was my favorite thing.”

— Jennifer T. (Old Bridge Township, NJ)

A brilliant tour of Little Havana. We wanted very much to say that the tour was fantastic and we recommend you highly to any friends who may visit Miami. 

– Lester & Sylvia (London)

“Honestly, it was the highlight of our entire eight days in Florida. We look forward to reading your books!”

— Melanie & Andre


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